Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This Penguin marches 20mins everyday


cheng said...

Hey, is so cute.... my little ones will sure like it!
I would like to learn it ASAP. How many yarn i need to buy? Will try to go Daisao at harbour front today. this weekend i got to stay at home to look after my sons as my mother in law was back to JB.
Will let you know when i can go over your place and learn.
Thanks alot

LilyLunie said...

My friend wants me to knit this for her. Would you happen to have a pattern?

Thea said...

Hi LilyLunie,'s nice to know your friend likes it! Unfortunately i didn't follow the pattern while i made this...however, you've reignited my interest for crocheting and pattern drawing. Do u need it in a hurry? If not i'll be able to come up with the pattern in about 7days. (ah..but it's my first time drawing a pattern for someone else, but if u don't mind taking a look, i'll get straight to it) ;)

LilyLunie said...

I was planning on making it for her for Christmas and that's still a ways off. :)
I don't crochet though, I only knit... I could probably come up with a pattern by looking at it if that would be easier.