Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baby elephant is 21 months today


Jessica said...

Do you have a pattern I could snag for this elephant? It's beautiful and i would love to make my version of it for a friend! If you can help please email me at

Mandy said...

Hi :D
Your knitted animals are soo adorable!!
Especially this one,
can you post up some of the patterns you use?
or can you email me where you get the patterns from. Thanks (=

Tamara said...

Oh, I absolutely second that! If you would be willing to share your pattern, please let me know at Thank you!!

Thea said...

Hi All,
Really appreciate your support n compliemnts..but i'm sorry i really dun have a pattern. I've made all the animals here by sketching a 2D image and possibly a side view so as to understand how it'll look and just made the parts and put them together...should probably learn how to draw patterns soon :P anyone want to teach me?