Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Doraemon loves the 22nd of every month!


cometz* said...

girl!! :)

i love your animals!!!! :D they are sooo cute! u are a crocheting genius!!! hehe

can i get a giraffe please please? like my muffin in facebook :P:P heeheehee... thank u thank u!!!!

An admirer said...

ahh!! that is so cute! is there a pattern for this doraemon that you would be willing to send to me (@ happy_gangst3rz@hotmail.com)?? it'd be so much appreciated! great work!

Thea said...

Hi happy gangster, so glad to hear u like the animals!! :D
I'm sorry i dun have a pattern...i cannot even read a pattern..basically i made the parts and i tried to keep them in proportion as i made them...maybe i will get a book with patterns so that i can learn to draw patterns! :P will let u know when i can!!! thanks for your encouragement...i'm gonna upload 2 more characters later!

doraemon lover said...

this doraemon is mine... I love it so much.. Thea is indeed a crochet genius... tHanks... Love u too!